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Ringriegel "Durston", oval

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Ringriegel "Durston", oval
aus gehärtetem Stahl

"Durston" tool’s  oval ring mandrel

Produktinformation / features of product:
  • Durston Tool’s Hardened Oval Ring Mandrel (18 to 22 mm).
  • This Hardened Shaped Ring Mandrel is made from the highest quality materials and produces consistent, outstanding results.
  • The unmarked tapered mandrel is hardened to 64 RC and ground.
  • With ergonomically designed handles, each ring mandrel is created to fit comfortably into your hand, providing support and comfort.
  • This oval ring mandrel, which can size between 18 mm and 22 mm, is 320mm long and weighs in at 0.76 kg.
  • Durston’s tools are all created to provide a lifetime of service and reliability, and this is certainly the case with our full range of hardened ring mandrels.

Technische Daten / technical datas:
  • Ringweiten: Ø 18-22 mm
  • Länge: 320 mm
  • Härte: 64 RC
  • Gewicht: 760 g

  • passendes Ringspiel in oval

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